Do you want to feel productive? Do you want to feel like you are accomplishing something? Do you want to make the best use of your time?

I have been there! As a full time time dad with two small children that are extremely demanding on my time I went weeks and month without working on myself or my business. Although the reason why I am a home based entrepreneur in the first place is to be able to be full time with my kids, it was so easy to feel a loss of purpose and drive. Days in and days out of constant parenting with little connection to the outside world and I felt like I was not living up to my potential. I felt like I could accomplish so much more or I should be accomplishing something at least. Not to take away from the importance of being a mom or dad because the most important thing I could be doing during the early stages of their life was to be with them, I am saying that I know what is like to feel non productive, stuck in the same routine and unmotivated.

It was over 7 years ago that I found the best way to not give up my time and still provide a stream of income. I found a way to live and be present everyday of my life and not be stressing or worrying about how to fit the rest of my life and my dreams into the hours between 5pm-9am.

Passive income was the key. Residual income became my passion. I can show you how to create it in your life as well! I can show you how get to where you want to be. I can connect you to the resources and training and provide an avenue that you can feel like you are growing and progressing in your life. That you are spending time building something valuable and important. Something that will pay you back years into the future.

It does not have to change what you are already doing full time but it will require that your attitude is right. Are you...

  • teachable
  • eager to learn
  • desire to succeed
  • see technology as an opportunity?

Then I want to work with you!

Not everyone is a good fit though and I cant accept all applicationsĀ but if you are determined to change your life this year, contact me here. Fill in the contact form and where it says 'Your Message" simply write the reasons why you want to work with me.