How the Average US Consumer Spends Their Paycheck

Paycheck Creditloan

Paycheck gone after the first week? An average American consumer splits his budget into monthly and yearly spending. The largest portion of the salary goes to housing, especially for homeowners with loans. Housing expenditures take up 34% of the yearly budget. The total housing cost includes the budget spent on shelter, public utilities and services,…

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3 Characteristics Successful People Have


3 characteristics successful people have does not come from me. These are not my words or my opinions. These 3 characteristics successful people possess are literally the characteristics observed in the millionaires and billionaires of our time. In this post “successful” strictly refers to money in the bank account. Multi millionaires and above. A question…

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Visualization Exercise Habits To Avoid


Visualization is something I learned about from a man who used it to train record setting weightlifters. He asked me, “What is your max bench press?” Then promised he could increase it by 50 pounds in a weekend. How? Through visualization exercises.       Visualization exercises are powerful in being able manifest good things…

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Passive Income the Reason Why I Turn Down Work

Passive Income

 “My boss wants to know if you can come in and do some SEO and Marketing projects for him, a budget of about $500 a month, some basic stuff.” I will tell you how I responded to this a little later in the post Passive Income is also known as Residual Income, Lifestyle Income, Retirement Money,…

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Time Freedom is Better than Money

Time Freedom

Time Freedom is the #1 reason why people do not have the life they want to live. It is not that they do not have time but it is that they perceive they do not have enough time for the things that are most important to them. The truth is, we do have plenty of…

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Residual Income and What it Can Mean for You

Residual Income

Residual income is different from Active or Linear Income. These refer to doing an activity and getting compensated for it. You’re compensated directly proportionate to the hours you put in and your money received per hour can easily be calculated. Residual income is money earned over and over again after the initial work has been…

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5 Tips When Deciding to Join an MLM

1. Treat the decision like you do every other important decision in your life. If you submit to a higher power and pray and meditate for inspiration or guidance in your life than certainly do the same for this decision. If everything you have read about MLM being a life changing decision is true, than…

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Gratitude – The Cure for Almost Everything

At the darkest time in my life, when I was at the lowest point, rock bottom, alone, hopeless. When I felt like I had to consciously work to stay sane every hour of every day. There was one thing that kept my head above water and propelled me forward. You can Read more of my…

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From then to Now

When I started my journey… No job and no set place to live. I did not have a car nor a way to finance one. I was scared of committing into a contract for one anyway because of my situation. I literally did not know where I would be in the next few months. I…

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