Hey It’s Jeremy here from Jeremy Chamberlain DOT com.
Here is a little bit about me and my journey from from Business Student to Stay at Home Parent:

Not counting pre-K I attended 7 different schools to complete the first 12 grades of education. I moved around a lot growing up and this gave me a lot of friends. I am grateful for that. It also taught me that things can always change. Houses change, neighborhoods change, jobs changes, family changes and I stubbornly always tried to be consistent. The greatest life lesson I learned was that people change too, and it is ok. As soon as I allowed myself to change and realized that it was ok to change my mind on things, it opened up a whole new path of progress. It also made me forgive others a lot faster.

Jeremy Chamberlain Italy

I have always been a business man. If you asked me as a kid what I wanted to do when I grew up I would tell you a business man. I did not know what that meant, I just knew it involved wearing a suit and carrying around a briefcase. The combination of those too seemed cool to me. I soon learned the term for the type of business man I wanted to become. Entrepreneur.

I am a really big thinker. I could never do things small, I had to at least take the time to imagine it on a big scale. It was never my big thinking that was faulty it was the surroundings they were in. Like as a kid, when I  built a boat in my basement that was too heavy to carry and too big to fit through any doorway to allow it to see water. Or when I constructed a 6ft skateboard ramp in my backyard that clearly the homeowners association did not agree with.

I found my Network Marketing company. A room full of dreamers, big thinkers and motivated people to make changes in their lives and in the lives of their family. People that were crazy enough to think they could change the world, and I felt right at home. Finally a business that could grow and stretch with me and that would never constrain my big ideas but rather sustain and encourage them

MLM Family Jeremy Chamberlain

I am married to the best wife possible. Aside from spanish she has taught me many things. I never would be the man that I am today without her. I graduated college suma cum laude with an international business degree and was offered a job out of college. However, the corporate world does not allow me to be me. It is my I Am statement to be a full time dad and work my business’s from home so that is what I do.



The world is changing fast from Brick and Mortar, old school to
Click and Order, technology infused.
 Join the Revolution!!!
Home Business/Network Marketing is rapidly becoming one of the most appealing business models and first choice to start your own business. I have helped many people just like yourself figure out how to pick a good company with the right people, products and pay plan even if it’s not the one I am partnered with.